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Khemical Underground is our main stream where you can find regular live shows from some of the UK’s finest up and coming underground dance DJ’s. Genres on this stream include Drum & Bass, UK Hardcore, Electro House, Hardhouse and much more.

Khemical Underground - High Quality

Khemical Underground - Low Bitrate

Khemical Dance provides a more commercial range of music, including 90’s & 00’s Dance / Trance music. Live shows will also start to apear here.

Khemical Dance - High Quality


Khemical Dance - Low Bitrate

ReplyDJ Dave J 22.05 18:04
thanks mate
ReplyVersatile 22.05 18:04
Wicked set mate loved it
ReplyDJ Dave J 22.05 18:02
thanks all
ReplyDJ Direckt 22.05 17:34
ReplyVersatile 22.05 17:34
Incoming tuneeee
ReplyVersatile 22.05 17:32
No sun here mate its clouded over lol
ReplyVersatile 22.05 17:29
Locked in the garden via the blootooth speaker haha
ReplyDJ Direckt 22.05 17:14
Yeah, audio is fine, you were right about the quality difference though…
ReplyDJ Dave J 22.05 17:13
you got audio?
ReplyVersatile 22.05 17:12
All good here think he means the data it sometimes doesn’t show the data
ReplyDJ Dave J 22.05 17:12
still playing here
ReplyDJ Direckt 22.05 17:11
Refresh the page…
ReplyDJ Dave J 22.05 17:11
Still on my end mate
ReplyDJ Direckt 22.05 17:08
No data on the live streams?…
ReplyVersatile 22.05 17:01
Shout to Mikey Smith
ReplyVersatile 22.05 16:56
Big tune
ReplyDJ Direckt 22.05 16:51
How was the jump anyway?, absolute respect for that, something I would loved to have done, it’s a bucket list entry & a half that is!!!…
ReplyDJ Direckt 22.05 16:49
Got more chance of my strife turning up…LOL…
ReplyVersatile 22.05 16:48
Still locked mate wicked tunes
ReplyDJ Direckt 22.05 16:48
I am right on the edge, hardly ever go near there now, you don’t even have to go through Walsall to get here…