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Khemical Underground is our main stream where you can find regular live shows from some of the UK’s finest up and coming underground dance DJ’s. Genres on this stream include Drum & Bass, UK Hardcore, Electro House, Hardhouse and much more.

Khemical Underground - High Quality

Khemical Underground - Low Bitrate

Khemical Dance provides a more commercial range of music, including 90’s & 00’s Dance / Trance music. Live shows will also start to apear here.

Khemical Dance - High Quality


Khemical Dance - Low Bitrate

ReplyVersatile 19.01 22:59
thanks for tuning in all! always appreciated
ReplyMikey 19.01 22:11
I’m off as well bro bedtime lol
ReplyMikey 19.01 22:10
Catch you soon
ReplyDJ Dave J 19.01 22:09
catch you all later i`m gonna shoot now. wicked show mate enjoyed it.
ReplyMikey 19.01 22:05
Jeezzzz next one up north mix
ReplyMikey 19.01 22:05
ReplyMikey 19.01 22:05
ReplyMikey 19.01 22:04
Then stick it together with jam hoping it works again
ReplyMikey 19.01 22:04
Makes you wanna throw a mixtrack up the wall
ReplyMikey 19.01 22:03
Sexy garage
ReplyMikey 19.01 22:03
2 step is the balls
ReplyDJ Dave J 19.01 21:58
bassline lol
ReplyVersatile 19.01 21:56
or more bassline?
ReplyVersatile 19.01 21:55
anyone want some garage?
ReplyDJ Dave J 19.01 21:49
back lol
ReplyVersatile 19.01 21:47
ReplyMikey 19.01 21:45
Love a good organ track
ReplyMikey 19.01 21:34
ReplyMikey 19.01 21:21
Remind me on WhatsApp bro
ReplyMikey 19.01 21:17
Sick mix bro tuna