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Khemical Underground is our main stream where you can find regular live shows from some of the UK’s finest up and coming underground dance DJ’s. Genres on this stream include Drum & Bass, UK Hardcore, Electro House, Hardhouse and much more.

Khemical Underground - High Quality

Khemical Underground - Low Bitrate

Khemical Dance provides a more commercial range of music, including 90’s & 00’s Dance / Trance music. Live shows will also start to apear here.

Khemical Dance - High Quality


Khemical Dance - Low Bitrate

ReplySkinE 21:58
I might just do that mate lol wicked set as always Mr Watson
ReplyVersatile 21:58
Wicked set mate
ReplySkinE 21:55
Only thing about putting flyers out early is I can’t change my mind hahahaha
ReplySkinE 21:51
ReplyVersatile 21:46
Shout to Matthew Russel
ReplySkinE 21:46
ReplyVersatile 21:45
this is a fkin tune
ReplyVersatile 21:45
in the mixxxxxxxxx
ReplySkinE 21:43
Proper cheese fest
ReplyVersatile 21:43
more cheesy happy hardcore this sunday from me 😉
ReplyVersatile 21:42
haha cheesy but its a tune still
ReplyVersatile 21:39
gotta love the cheese 😉
ReplyVersatile 21:39
all good here mate you all good
ReplyVersatile 21:38
oi oiii
ReplySkinE 21:36
Been a while since i played slik cuts
ReplySkinE 21:35
Ain’t this the flip side ?
ReplySkinE 21:33
Lol I forget about this one hahahaha
ReplySkinE 21:30
Silk cuts oooooo sat night?
ReplySkinE 21:25
ReplySkinE 20:48
And another yes yes