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Khemical Underground is our main stream where you can find regular live shows from some of the UK’s finest up and coming underground dance DJ’s. Genres on this stream include Drum & Bass, UK Hardcore, Electro House, Hardhouse and much more.

Khemical Underground - High Quality

Khemical Underground - Low Bitrate

Khemical Dance provides a more commercial range of music, including 90’s & 00’s Dance / Trance music. Live shows will also start to apear here.

Khemical Dance - High Quality


Khemical Dance - Low Bitrate

ReplyDizzy 17.08 23:39
Ricky llewellyn aka smokin is a class a cunt your time is coming rude boy loooool
ReplyEvesham Town Radio 16.08 17:40
big big up teford crew wicked show;-)
ReplyEvesham Town Radio 16.08 17:30
big up telford crew
ReplyVersatile 13.08 18:57
And the music is playing if you press play 🙄
ReplyVersatile 13.08 18:56
Where’s your station anyway whoever you are.
ReplyVersatile 13.08 18:54
What is your problem?
ReplyTHE TRUTH 13.08 18:46
Maybw you could give the WANNA BE AND ILLITERATE CREW a spell check at KHEMICAL as the correct way to spell is Chemical… simple…. Theyre fucking useless. wheres the music..???.
ReplyVersatile 13.08 16:53
Now now people no need for the hate
ReplyThe real truth 13.08 12:01
Won’t be long till your station gets hit ie distinct… Lol also learn to spell you illiterate child
ReplyTHE TRUTH 12.08 20:54
Once again TELFORD cant run a radio station cos theyr a bunch of amature wannabees,,,lol… WANKERS
ReplyVISION FM UK 26.07 20:50
Replyvision fm uk 21.07 23:15
Replyvision fm uk 21.07 22:56
only asking
ReplyAdmin 21.07 21:47
Shut up Damien
ReplyVision Fm Uk 21.07 21:04
is your fm back on
ReplyKFM ADMIN 11.07 19:55
Radio server is back up
ReplyDGMurdockIII 10.07 21:30
Happy Halloween
ReplyMr Watson 20.06 21:05
big up all for locking on
ReplyVersatile 20.06 20:57
Wicked set Mr Watson
ReplyVersatile 20.06 20:38